Make it WorkPress develops, designs, hosts and maintains WordPress Websites

The Erasmusbridge in Rotterdam

And the development, design and hosting of these websites is what we do under our name Make it WorkPress. It is a personal initiative of Michiel Tramper, the founder of CreativeSolvers. We started it to have a platform that focuses on WordPress and to share our years of WordPress knowledge.

We believe that the WordPress is fit for making all kinds of websites. We also believe WordPress websites must have good quality. That’s why we also write a lot about WordPress, for example in our Hosting Reviews and Insights.

The center of our activities is the amazing tech-hub called 42Workspace in Rotterdam, were we are part of a community of digital and high-tech companies. Make it WorkPress is started by CreativeSolvers, a design consultancy firm.

About Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a medium-sized city, established on and around the river called ‘Nieuwe Maas’ in the Netherlands. Rotterdam is known because of its harbour area (the biggest of Europe) and its modern architecture. This is expressed through buildings such as the Rotterdam, the Euromast and the Erasmusbridge.

Rotterdam goes a long way back, being established in 1270. In that year, a dam was build in the river called ‘Rotte’ (and hence its name). In the year 1340, Rotterdam received city Rights and blossomed into a city with a rich heritage and nautical past. There is a lot to do, so do not hesitate to visit Rotterdam.

Besides its rich Heritage, there is also an upcoming techscene in Rotterdam. Among innovative companies, there are various companies specialized in the development of websites with WordPress.

Rotterdam has its own WordPress Meetup, which usually takes place each two months.

We do this as an Agency in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

But what are we doing as an WordPress Consulting Agency? Well, the following list may give a good impression of our activities:

Website Development

The development of blogs, knowledge-databases, membersites, webshops, platforms, custom themes and just websites with WordPress.

Application Development

Custom applications and plugins with WordPress, rest-api functionalities and advanced integrations with WordPress.

Design for WordPress

Branding and user experience design: a better experience for your brand and visitors for existing and new websites with WordPress.

WordPress Optimization

Better performance for your existing WordPress website and ongoing development using WordPress.

Truly Managed Hosting

Amazingly fast WordPress hosting that manages all the technical aspects of hosting a WordPress website. Our hosting uses the latest technologies used by large internet players and is available for customers in the Netherlands.

Looking for a high quality WordPress website?

Request a project and we’re going to look how we can help you.

Just to let you know: there is more than WordPress

Obviously, a reference to good food may not be excluded from a page talking about Rotterdam. While we are quite occupied with WordPress, you sometimes just have to take a walk and enjoy a good meal. Needless to say, we are quite happy to visit and have a good time in one of the following restaurants:

Guilano, Rotterdam

At Guilano, you will get heavenly sandwiches with Italian flavour and a bit of New York. This place is packed during lunch time, and that’s for a reason. You should certainly try the Truffle Burger! Guiliano is located at de Meent 31 in Rotterdam.

Wah Nam Hong

Wah Nam Hong is an Asian supermarket and restaurant, having meals that are both delicious and affordable. But be aware, the kitchen of Wah Nam Hong already closes at 19:00. This place is located within the Marktethall at the Verlengde Nieuwstraat.

Bazar, Rotterdam

Bazar is located in the most trendy street of Rotterdam and is a deep-dive in oriental atmosphere. Not only the food is an experience on itself, but also the decoration of this place is worth a visit. Bazar is located at de Witte de Wittstraat 16 in Rotterdam.