Build Anything with Waterfall

The Waterfall WordPress Theme is specifically crafted to being customizable. You can change almost anything from colors, typography, lay-out to templates. It is the theme that also displays this website.

Powerful Customization

Customize anything, from text colors, backgrounds, typography, lay-out of headers, footers, pages using the build-in customizer from WordPress.

Great Compatability

Waterfall is compatible with the newest versions of WordPress and Woocommerce. It also integrates with Elementor and PolyLang.

Easily Extendable

Waterfall is programmed in a modular fashion. Developers can easily extend and add custom fields to posts, option pages, and do much more.

Installing the Waterfall WordPress Theme

Installing Waterfall is easy:

  1. Download the latest release from Github
  2. Rename the downloaded folder to waterfall
  3. Upload this in the Themes Section of the WordPress Admin Area

Theme updates will automatically be available at your WordPress Installation if a new version is released on Github.

You can learn more about the Waterfall theme in the GitHub wiki, where there is extensive documentation available.

  • Adjust colors and typography with the Customizer
  • Change lay-out settings for all types of content
  • Compatible with Page Builders such as Elementor
  • Many action and filter hooks for easy extensions
  • Optimized for Search Engines with structured data
  • Including compatibility for WooCommerce and Polylang
  • Clean coding with a minimum of dependencies
  • Built-in optimization for optimum performance

As a developer, you will love Waterfall

Waterfall uses custom composer modules which we developed to make it much easier to add a lot of stuff. Think of post types, menus, sidebars, widgets, option pages, metaboxes for posts, users and taxonomies, enqueueing scripts and styles, adding new template routes and reusable components. And did we mention there is a basic child theme available?

Many Hooks and Filters Speeding up Development

Waterfall has build in a modular fashion, and implements many filters and hooks in its classes and templates. This allows for easy extensions and modifications.

Build with Reusable Components

Waterfall is build with our WP Components library. This is a WordPress consisting of reusable components such as sharing buttons, comments, images and so forth.

Custom Fields for Option Pages, Metaboxes and more

In addition, our WP Custom Fields library is included to easily add Option Pages, Metaboxes for users, taxonomies and posts and even Customizer Fields